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Why Choose Us?

About Eye Care Professionals

Our entire team of Eye Care Professionals is actively involved in producing new research in the field optometry and providing continuing education for both optometrists in practice & students preparing their careers in optometry.

Our practice is committed to bringing the latest in developmental optometry, eye disease, and ocular health management, as well as a natural/holistic approach to eye care so each patient receives the care they deserve for their best vision possible.

Dr. Randy Schulman and our other practitioners have been published in various magazines and online articles, such as:

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SUNY - Internship & Residency Program

Each of our practices carries modern technology, designer eyewear, and eye care professionals who care not only about their patients, but the future of eye care. Therefore, we offer both an internship & residency program to help educate the next generation's optometrists.

Our residency program is a prestigious program for teaching future eye doctors about Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation and vision therapy. Our residents get to learn from our doctors working with patients that almost no other college can offer.

Our interns have the opportunity to observe & learn in-depth about the care & skills employed by our practitioners. Each intern recognizes the complexity in an eye exam as well as the pleasure involved in patient care.

While there are many various optometry programs in the country, we are the only private practice that offers this type of environment & partnered with SUNY College.

SUNY has 42 sites for optometry residents & interns, and out of those programs, we're one of less than a dozen other locations that offer a vision therapy residency program.

We’re proud to be the only private practice in the country affiliated with SUNY providing internships to students & residencies to upcoming doctors who want to specialize in vision therapy & all aspects of optometry.

SUNY Residency & Internship for Vision Therapy

Residency for Upcoming Optometrists

Our residents love having more exposure to patients, learn practice management skills, more continuity, experiencing a family practice feel, and even learn the basics of contact lens training & full scope care. All of our preceptors are residency trained and very supportive of our residents. Our exclusive program is a very competitive one receiving many applicants each year.

We See Students from 7 Schools

Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO)
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Western College of Optometry (WUCO)
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS)
Southern College of Optometry (SCO)
Illinois College of Optometry (ICO)
State University of New York State College of Optometry (SUNY)