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Our Vision Therapists


Jordan Renkert

Vision Therapist
Jordan Renkert graduated from Doane Liberal Arts College in Crete, Nebraska with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education(K-12). He started practicing vision therapy in 2014 under the tutelage of Dr. Randy Schulman, Debra Murray, and April Banores.   Jordan enjoys working with a variety of patients including TBI, adult...

Eric Waldo

Vision Therapist
Eric graduated from the University of Connecticut in May of 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing and Analytics. Upon graduation, he moved to Dallas, Texas to work with his aunt at her medical billing company. Here he got a first-hand glimpse into the world of medicine. After returning...

Karen Drena

Vision Therapist
Karen is a Vision Therapist and a certified Holistic Health Practitioner. As an integrative health practitioner, along with her experience in child development, Vision Therapy is perfectly aligned with her approach to helping the body to heal naturally. In addition to Vision Therapy, Dr. Randy Schulman and Karen currently operate...

Stephanie Ehret

Vision Therapist
Why did you decide to become a therapist?   My younger sister suffered from a traumatic brain injury.  A part of her rehabilitation was weekly vision therapy sessions.  I was able to see firsthand the positive impact that therapy has on not only functional vision but in improving daily life. What's your...

Ryan Remeika

Ryan graduated magna cum laude from Fairfield University with a bachelor's degree in biology. During Ryan’s time as an undergraduate, she participated in research on the endangered giant anteater. Her research really sparked her interest in behavior and the investigative process. Following graduation Ryan worked in a physical therapy clinic...


Each quarter, Eye Care Associates provides the opportunity for third- and fourth-year optometry school students to work alongside our doctors and learn from our practice. Our interns are also involved in our vision therapy program and are excited to work with our patients. Our soon-to-be doctors for this quarter are: 

Meredith Fridley Young MCPHS

Meredith Fridley-Young


Rischel Jo Tabiolo 

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