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Home » Testimonials » Very quickly, I saw a noticeable improvement in my son’s abilities

Hi. I am Lisa R and have a 26-year-old, special needs son, who, when he was young, had a lot of vision, sensory and perceptual problems. He also had problems with visually tracking, and proprioceptive issues. When he was around five years old, I started taking him to see Dr. Randy Schulman, who started working with him using vision therapy, prism glasses, and exercises and games used to stimulate and improve his eye-hand coordination, sensory system, and so much more. He would also get homework, to continue to work on these issues and reinforce the vision therapy. Very quickly, I saw a very noticeable improvement in my son's abilities, perception, visual tracking and much more, which continue to this day. I highly recommend Dr. Randy Schulman, her company, EyeCare Associates, and her wonderful staff!

- Lisa R, Yelp 2019