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Post Concussion Review

After a concussion from a high school sports injury, I assumed that headaches were just going to be a part of my life that I could only manage but not cure. Fast forward ten years, after a particularly bad headache, I began suffering from vertigo that impacted my daily life.

I decided to visit an eye doctor, noticing that the headaches also correlated to a soreness behind my eyes. The first office I visited did a full exam and found nothing wrong. I left this appointment with the knowledge that I had near-perfect vision, but also the sinking suspicion that I was missing something.

While researching my symptoms, I found EyeCare Associates. In their brochure about convergence insufficiency, I read that a basic eye exam may not detect CI. This gave me hope! And I immediately reached out to EyeCare Associates to make an appointment for a consultation.

It was such a relief to finally have an answer. I began vision therapy with Dr. Spengler to work on resolving what I learned was accommodative insufficiency. After just a few months of VT, my quality of life has significantly improved. The headaches are gone, the vertigo is gone, and I've learned so much about my eyes and visual hygiene. 

I'm so grateful for Dr. Schulman and Dr. Spengler, and the whole team at EyeCare Associates for finding answers for me when no one else could.


- Olivia