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A young boy with lazy eye succeeds from vision therapy

Gavin is an energetic 8 year old who has a history of amblyopia and hyperopia, greater in the hyperopic left eye. He initially presented with right eye farsightedness of +3.50 and left eye is farsightedness of +5.50. Due to the high farsightedness and difference between his two eyes, he saw 20/30 in the right eye and 20/200 in the left eye when we first saw him 3 years ago. Gavin was prescribed a reduced glasses prescription and a computer program for amblyopia. He improved in acuity over the first year and came for vision therapy at times over the next couple of years to address eye movement, focusing, eye teaming and visual spatial difficulties, all common in children with lazy eyes, that was affecting his ability to read and learn. Today, his acuity is now 20/20 in the right eye and nearly 20/30 in the left eye and his basic visual skills are excellent. He has good tracking eye movements, much improved focusing and eye teaming. He no longer suppresses or shuts down his left eye and his stereoscopic depth perception is excellent. He is doing much better in school, has learned to ride a bike, and shared the following:

Vision therapy has helped me ride my bike, and help me for school in math, writing, and reading. I have gotten very good grades because of vision therapy. Gavin Nestor,  age 8