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Basic Eye Exercises

Use your thumb to do basic eye tracking eye exercises. Notice if you see double, if your thumb goes in and out of focus or stays clear. Do it with both sides. Rotate your head in slow circles and pay attention to your vision. Follow with a vision trcking exercise that uses both your thumbs.

Skeffington Circles summarized
Learn about different tools we can use for the patient’s vision. In the exam and therapy room we want to see if we are having an impact on their vision. Use space, timing, perception and the whole picture.

Skeffington Model intro
Model from the 1920s. Where is it and What is it stream of visual processing. Anti gravity (where am I?) has to come first. And the last one is speech and language. Communication about what I see and interpreting it. All four combined, make up vision and need to be looked at.

Hanging Ball Crossover Throw

Ball is diaphram height and needs to pushed and caught in an arch.

Syntonics Overview

Photo bio physics field that shows light has healing power. InfraRed light and shining light to the eye has a more direct effect on the bodies blood.

Improper Eye Fixation

Eye test on a child showing improper eye fixation.

Improper Eye Convergence

Improper Eye Pursuits

Improper Eye Saccades

Proper Eye Convergence

Proper Eye Pursuits

Proper Eye Saccades