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Natural Eye Care

We are fully committed to optimizing the visual health and overall wellness of our patients. We have a fabulous team of doctors, therapists, and support staff that work toward making each patient’s experience positive, educational, and effective. We also feel strongly about ongoing education and personal development. As a result, we are always learning, growing, and expanding the services we offer.

We provide a holistic and integrated approach to our eye care practice. Not only do we guide you based on your visual hygiene, diet, nutrition, lifestyle, or simply stress levels and how they relate to your eye health, but we look at your entire well-being and see what approach would work best to get your health back to where it should be.

Dr. Randy Schulman created the ECA’s COVID and Nutrition & Lifestyle Recommendations here.

Another unique fact of our practice is that we have fun integrated nutritionist on staff who can help provide insight as to what supplements could be added to your diet to help reduce dry eye symptoms, care for ocular disease, and many other areas of your visual health system.

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