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News from June 2020

  • Jared Herzberg, our head therapist, for getting COVT certified!
  • Dr. Schulman lectured to SUNY residents on a multisensory model of vision 5/1.
  • Dr. Schulman and former Resident Aaron Nichols published a paper in VDR.
  • Dr. Schulman was published in IDOC’s next quarterly.
  • Dr. Schulman presented a few lectures at I Heart VT, where she helped other vision therapy doctors & vision therapists learn more about the intricacies in vision therapy patients, treatments, and diagnosis.
  • Dr. Schulman remotely led the graduation ceremony for all SUNY residents.

Luminara Serdar and the Autism Recovery Summit 4

Dr. Randy Schulman, MS, OD, FCOVD gave a lecture on Vision’s Impact on Brain Development at the Autism Recovery Summit with Luminara Serdar. We welcome all of you to checkout the lecture.

Recurring and Upcoming Events

Past Events

Neuro Optometry & Brain Injury


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Vision Therapy & Children

Vision Therapy Summer Camp Social Media Post


Special Needs Therapy & Education

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Anxiety and our Kids


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