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Upcoming Events

TBI Support group | Now on Zoom!

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We are happy to welcome our new interns!

Meredith Fridley-Young from MCPHS Amelene Bartlett from Western Andrea Hawryluk from NECO  ...

EyeCare Associates Welcomes Additional Physicians

Meet our new physicians!

Announcement – Tribute to Dr. Carl Gruning

I was fortunate enough to have had Dr. Carl Gruning as my eye doctor, doing vision therapy with him in my early teens. He hired me a couple of years later to assist in the office and he was my inspiration for going to optometry school, specifically where he taught,...
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Lectures, Events, & Webinars

VT A to Z Therapist and Doctor Training

On October 2nd, our team was in Staten Island at Ilana Gelfand-Polnariev's office giving a Vision Therapy A-Z workshop for therapists & doctors. We held another VT A-Z workshop on the 16th in our Southport office....

Concepts in Behavioral/ Neural Optometry – Lecture by Dr Randy Schulman

As part of Collaboration Cures 2021, AAPMD and AAOSH are coming together to create an experience not possible online or on Zoom - a live, in-person conference bringing you the latest in dentistry, medicine, physical therapy, speech language pathology, myofunctional therapy and more! Live and In-Person Atlanta, GA -- September...

COVID-19 in 2021 – An OEPF Webinar by Dr Randy Schulman

A Review of COVID-19’s Impact on Vision and Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Considerations   Course Description COVID-19 Timeline First sign of COVID infection Emerging signs of COVID Vision Conditions in COVID COVID VIsion Cases Vaccines Vaccine Complications Case Reports Treatment considerations Nutritional recommendations...

Vision Therapy & Children (Click the box for Full Size)

Special Needs Therapy & Education

Total Wellness