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TBI Support group | Now on Zoom!

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Autism Recovery Summit 4 Healing Brain, Body & Being

This is a free webinar that you can register to learn about current technologies, science and practical methods that will lead your child to greater speech, expression, calm, attention, sleep, development and overall health. You can check out the complete details & register here....

A Multisensory Approach to Your Favorite VT Activities at iHeartVT

Learn how a better understanding of multisensory systems provides the practitioner with a strong model for success in the therapy room. Specific vision therapy procedures will be discussed from a multisensory model and practitioners will learn how to simplify and load activities accordingly. March 26th at 6pm ET...

Multisensory Model Neurological Implications for Improved Optometric Success and Treatment

COPE approved # 71021-NO and 71022-NO Instructors: Celia Hinrichs, OD and Randy Schulman OD We live in a highly sensory world in which we are continually bombarded with information from each of our different senses. Although optometry has attempted to isolate visual skills for diagnosis and treatment, the latest research...

Vision Therapy & Children

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Special Needs Therapy & Education

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Anxiety and our Kids


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