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We’re Open Daily! Please click here to review our new Safety Protocols & What to Expect at your next appointment.

We are NOW live with Virtual Vision Therapy, or Vision Therapy at home. Call us for more details and how to get started. Take your Vision therapy visits online!

We are providing Telemedicine services for concerns about vision and urgent care services, such as:

  • sudden change in the eyes or visual health
  • sudden loss of vision loss
  • red eyes
  • eye injuries
  • eyeglasses that need repair in order to be worn.

Call our office for more information about scheduling.

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Downloadable Brochures

A compilation of downloadable brochures for patients and parents on a variety of different subjects, created by the EyeCare Associates team. Visit our links and research pages for even more information.

  • Convergence InsufficiencyDetails the causes and symptoms of convergence insufficiency, and describes how in-office vision therapy can help treat.
  • Streff SyndromeExplains Streff Syndrome (also known as juvenile bilateral functional amblyopia), a condition that occurs when visual demands are too stressful for the vision system to handle.
  • Protect Your Eyes From Damaging Blue LightDetails the potential damage from screens, cellphones, and LEDs to eyes and to general health, and what can be done to prevent harmful effects.