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Downloadable Brochures

A compilation of downloadable brochures for patients and parents on a variety of different subjects, created by the EyeCare Associates team. Visit our links and research pages for even more information.

  • Convergence Insufficiency & (V2)Details the causes and symptoms of convergence insufficiency, and describes how in-office vision therapy can help treat.
  • Dry EyeLearn more about Dry Eye. Symptoms, causes, treatments, vision diet, and nutritional supplements.
  • Sports VisionLearn more about Sports Vision Training.
  • SyntonicsAll about SyntonicPhototherapy.
  • Traumatic Brain InjuryAll about Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Streff SyndromeExplains Streff Syndrome (also known as juvenile bilateral functional amblyopia), a condition that occurs when visual demands are too stressful for the vision system to handle.
  • Protect Your Eyes From Damaging Blue LightDetails the potential damage from screens, cellphones, and LEDs to eyes and to general health, and what can be done to prevent harmful effects.
  • 10 Tips for Healthy Eyes – Although these tips are quite simple to do, you would be surprised as to what you could add to your diet or lifestyle to improve your eye health.
  • Visual Hygiene – Follow these easy tips to balance the time you work on the computer, use your smartphone, and additional screentime. Since our eyes are pushed to such stress levels, unless we take visual hygiene seriously, our vision can easily become fatigue and lead to headaches and stress.

Looking for a good read? Meaningful Moves by Dr. Sarah E. Lane describes in rich detail how you can optimize your baby’s development.