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A Multisensory Approach to Your Favorite VT Activities at iHeartVT

Learn how a better understanding of multisensory systems provides the practitioner with a strong model for success in the therapy room. Specific vision therapy procedures will be discussed from a multisensory model and practitioners will learn how to simplify and load activities accordingly.

March 26th at 6pm ET

Multisensory Model Neurological Implications for Improved Optometric Success and Treatment

COPE approved # 71021-NO and 71022-NO

Instructors: Celia Hinrichs, OD and Randy Schulman OD

We live in a highly sensory world in which we are continually bombarded with information from each of our different senses. Although optometry has attempted to isolate visual skills for diagnosis and treatment, the latest research indicates that we learn more effectively with multisensory integration mechanisms that support intersensory interaction. Now we have the tools to communicate effectively and create true success with all patients.

With a better understanding of the pathways and the different systems engaged, we are more efficient and effective in treatment. By looking at proprioceptive, vestibular, touch, balance, interoceptive, auditory, visual, and cognitive pathways, function, and integration, we can utilize this information in both the examination and in treatment. The clinician utilizes a multisensory approach as part of the examination, decision -aking process, and in treatment, approaches to optimize a patient’s potential, attention and automaticity.

In this course, we will demonstrate the impact of a multisensory approach with a better understanding of the neurological underpinnings. We have developed a checklist to allow the optometrist to use this information in the examination and treatment. Techniques in the evaluation, vision therapy procedures and cases will be reviewed so that the optometrist can implement this information immediately.

VISION & AIRWAY: A Perfect Storm Impacting Health, Learning & Performance Randy Schulman, M.S., O.D., F.C.O.V.D.

Date: March 23 @ 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm EDT

Learn how a hidden vision problem may result in poor treatment results and failure. Dr. Schulman lectures extensively on behavioral optometry topics such as vision in the classroom, vision and aging, and difficulties in the developmentally delayed. In addition, she has lectured and published on vision and autism. Dr. Schulman specializes in behavioral optometry, vision therapy, pediatrics, learning disabilities, and preventative, integrative, and alternative vision care for all ages.

The Eyes Have It with Randy Schulman, MS, OD, FCOVD

It has been said that the eyes are the portal to the soul. That is true and so much more. The field of integrative optometry opens up a much broader view of the eyes, our vision, our health and ways to heal ourselves and our families. Dr. Randy Schulman, an integrative optometrist, will share how she looks at the eyes from various approaches and will discuss iridology and specifically Rayid iris, birth order and family systems.

Date: March 16th Time: 7pm

Topic: Speaking At Holistic Moms meeting about Iridilogy

WHAT:  “Our Power Tools: Lenses and Prisms,” with Dr. Randy Schulman 

The Eastern States Optometric Congress invites you to join us for an evening of education and camaraderie

WHEN: Sunday, November 8, 2020 6pm – 9pm Eastern

As a virtual event, you may also join us at the following local times:

5pm – 8 pm Central / 4pm – 7pm Mountain / 3pm – 6pm Pacific

WHAT: “Our Power Tools: Lenses and Prisms,” with Dr. Randy Schulman

  • Lecture presentation ~ 75 min
  • Followed by:
    • Q & A with Dr. Schulman
    • Interactive group discussion on our clinical use of Lenses & Prisms, moderated by ESOC board members

HOW: Virtually, via Zoom conference!

  • Registration is $25 / participant
  • Optometrists, Vision Therapists and Students welcome!
  • CLICK HERE to register