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Announcement – Tribute to Dr. Carl Gruning

I was fortunate enough to have had Dr. Carl Gruning as my eye doctor, doing vision therapy with him in my early teens. He hired me a couple of years later to assist in the office and he was my inspiration for going to optometry school, specifically where he taught, SUNY Optometry. Through the years he was a mentor for COVD Fellowship and for certification for my therapists. Back in 2013 I bought into his practice and since then have had the privilege of hearing countless stories through the years about how he touched so many people’s lives and helped them to success.

I know that he has also been inspirational for many others, having served optometry in his capacity as faculty at SUNY for nearly 40 years, a member of the CAO and as president and committee member in COVD.

Randy Schulman, MS, OD, FCOVD

Vivid Vision as Part of the Vision Therapy

We are excited to offer Vivid Vision as part of our visual rehabilitation services. Vivid Vision is an advanced vision therapy software that uses virtual reality to help patients with binocular vision disorders such as amblyopia, strabismus, and convergence insufficiency. Vivid Vision’s powerful technology is used to overcome suppression while improving visual acuity, fusion rages, peripheral awareness, and depth perception.

Learn more about Vivid Vision

News from June 2020 

  • Jared Herzberg, our head therapist, for getting COVT certified!
  • Dr. Schulman lectured to SUNY residents on a multisensory model of vision 5/1.
  • Dr. Schulman and former Resident Aaron Nichols published a paper in VDR.
  • Dr. Schulman was published in IDOC’s next quarterly.
  • Dr. Schulman presented a few lectures at I Heart VT, where she helped other vision therapy doctors & vision therapists learn more about the intricacies in vision therapy patients, treatments, and diagnosis.
  • Dr. Schulman remotely led the graduation ceremony for all SUNY residents.