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Lots of wonderful happenings at ECA!

This announcement is long in coming. There are lots of wonderful happenings at ECA.

Dr. Schulman just came back from a class in Mississippi and loved how they encouraged washing your hands.

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Dr. Decker and Dr. Ngo came back from NORA in Columbus and learned about vision rehabilitation. Dr. Decker and Dr. Grygier as well as our new interns, Julia and Taylor, got to go to the Northeast conference this weekend too and came back with lots of good information on nutrition, fun vision therapy activities including trampoline games and myopia control.

We also welcome our other new intern, Rachel and new doctor, Dr. Nizami.

Of course the most important news is our joining forces with the long standing VT/primary care practices in Mahopac and Mt. Kisco of Dr. Byne and Dr. Landesman, former SUNY professors as well.

We welcome their team members and look forward to working with them!